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How to Backup Timelabs
User can perform a full backup of Timelabs Database manually. Open Timelabs from desktop icon which will open 'TLLauncher' utility as shown below:


Here click on 'Desktop Engine' and login with 'System User' credentials. It will show you below utility.


Backup DB

From above Desktop Engine utility click on 'Backup DB' button. Browse destination location for backup file and click ‘Backup’ button. It will run backup process and backup file will be created on destination location once process completes.


Restore DB
If you wish to restore data, click on 'Restore DB' button. Select backup file from your computer and click on ‘Restore’ button. It will run restore process and after few minutes your database will be restored.

 Last updated Mon, Jul 18 2016 2:14pm

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