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Add formula based Salary Structure
User can create a Salary Structure in Timelabs Payroll with formula specific calculation. User needs define his Salary Structure in Salary Group. Before creating a Salary Group all salary components should be created in the software. See the example of Salary components below:

User can create as many as Salary Components/Salary Heads in the software. Once Salary components are created, map that components in Salary Group.

From below page of ‘Assign Salary Heads’ shows a Salary Group settings and components formula:

To set a formula on a component click on Edit icon as shown below from ‘Assign Salary Head’ page:

The next pop-up will open component’s properties.

Here you need to click on FORMULA icon to set a formula.

From above page user can pick any predefined component/head and create a calculation formula. Clicking on OK button will save component’s formula.

Apply formula on Additional Heads:
There are some components which are not the part of regular Salary Structure. These are called ‘Additional Heads/Components’. If you wish to add such type of components, you need to first create all those components from ‘Additional Heads’ page.

While adding a new Additional Component you can either make it open or set formula for the calculation:

Clicking on FORMULA icon will open formula calculation popup:

Here you will find some additional variables along with Additional Components. User can use that variables for the formula creation. Clicking on OK button will update component’s formula.

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