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Time Attendance Machine FAQs
Question: Attendance Machine is showing “Not Connected” from Timelabs Web Portal.
Answer: Check the connectivity with your Time Attendance Machine using ‘PING’ command. If the Machine is pinging properly that should be ‘Connected’ on Timelabs Web Portal too.

Question: A newly added Enroll number is not showing in TAM connectivity drop down list.
Answer: User must download latest data from the Attendance Machine after the new user’s enrollment into the Attendance Machine.

Question: Is it possible to download and process data automatically from Attendance Machine?
Answer: Yes, you can set auto schedule task from Desktop Engine to download and process data from Attendance Machine to Timelabs Software.

Question: No functions are working on my Attendance Machine and there is a message showing on Machine “WORKING, PLEASE WAIT”.
Answer: Whenever data is being downloaded from machine, the above message shows on machine. It depends on your data and network speed till how long time the message will show. You have to wait until the download process gets completed.

Question: Is there any other way available to pull data from Attendance Machine?
Answer: There are two ways to download data from Attendance Machine to Software. 1) From LAN cable and 2) USB pen drive. User can also schedule data download task on the server.

 Last updated Mon, Jul 18 2016 3:39pm

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