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Timesheet & Attendance FAQs
Question: After downloading and processing data, No data is shown in Employee’s Timesheet.
Answer: First of all check, while punching on Attendance Machine by an employee what enroll number displays on Attendance Machine’s Screen. Now open TAM connectivity and check whether it is mapped with a right enroll number and on right Attendance Machine.

Question: After downloading and processing data, data is showing in Employee’s Timesheet but his attendance is not showing properly.
Answer: You should open Employee Settings and check all the policies applied on that employee.

Question: In time and out time is not showing properly in Employee’s Timesheet, after downloading and processing data?
Answer: Check the shift applied on Employees. You also need to check Attendance Machine’s data & time.

Question: Are bulk manual entries possible in Timesheet, in case of several Miss Punches on Attendance Machine?
Answer: Yes, you can set employees Timesheet entries manually in a bulky way.

 Last updated Mon, Jul 18 2016 3:39pm

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