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Startup and Configuration FAQs
Question: After completing Timelabs configuration and registration, when I launch Timelabs Web Portal, the login page doesn’t show and an error shows on browser “Page cannot be displayed”.
Answer: You must check if IIS server is installed properly on your System and IIS services are running properly. If still the problem remains, you need to conform from Support whether your OS is compatible for IIS installation.

Question: While registering the software CD key is not accepted and message shows “Invalid CD Key” on registration window.
Answer: Timelabs CD key is case sensitive and all the values have to be entered in Capital, and with the Dashes. User should match the CD key entered on registration window with the CD key written on Timelabs CD box.

Question: During Web Server Installation CD contents are not being copied from my Operating System CD to PC, hence the installation is stopped.
Answer: You must check installed Operating System on your System and the CD inserted in the CD drive for IIS installation. Both should be the same OS and Service Pack.

Question: While updating the software and error occurred 'Access Denied'.
Answer: Run TLLauncher.exe from desktop icon with Administrator privileges. Also ensure any process in Task manager related to Timelabs is not running.

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