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Question: When I login in Timelabs with other user, no companies and Attendance machines are shown on User Page.
Answer: Login with System user and check granted permissions on Companies, Branches, and Attendance machines for Timelabs user.

Question: Can I access Timelabs from another pc in my network?
Answer: Yes, you can run Timelabs from another system within your network. Run Timelabs on server and see the URL showing on your internet browser. Now run internet browser from other pc which is connected properly with your server, and type the same URL in address bar (As displayed on your Server’s browser).

Question: How can I change User password in Timelabs?
Answer: There are two options to change employee password. 1) By System User and 2) By User himself from Change Password link on user dashboard.

Question: Does Timelabs Supports multiple policies?
Answer: Yes, Timelabs supports multiple policies. You can create as many policies as you need.

Question: Is it possible to add employee photo in Timelabs?
Answer: Yes, you can upload employee photo in Timlebs.

Question: In case of formatting PC or re-installation of Timelabs, how to backup data and restore data in Timelabs?
Answer: You can backup/restore your data from Timelabs Desktop Engine, where you will see both the buttons of Backup and Restore data. You need to follow the steps to backup and restore your data.

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