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How to apply Leave reqeust from Self Service portal?
Go to Self Service Menu - Leave - Leave Application. Here you will see two tabs, where you can either apply for a Paid Leave or for apply a Compensatory Off. The list will show the leave requests already submitted and that are currently pending for approval by the reporting manager. You can also change the status to view the requests that have been rejected in the past by your reporting managers.

How to apply for Full Day Leave (Paid Leave): From Paid Leave tab click ‘Apply New Leave’ button. You will see below pop-up box:

Leave the category as General Leave, select appropriate option for either a full day leave or a half day leave and select which leave type this leave will be consumed from i.e. Earned Leave or Sick Leave or Special Leave etc. As you select the “Leave Type”, system will show you the available balance of that leave.

How to apply for Half Day Leave (Paid Leave): System allows users to apply for half day leave online and specify for which half the user is applying for the leave. The only difference from full day leave is that half day leave cannot span across multiple dates.

How to apply for Compensatory Off Leave: From Compensatory Off tab click ‘Apply New CO’ button. You will see below pop-up box:

There can be multiple type of compensatory off policies applicable in the organization. Select your options carefully to avail & apply the right CO as the available working days for weekly offs data will be shown according to the selection of CO TYPE.

Note: You can apply CO for a single date at a time and mark the date against which you would like this leave / off to be adjusted. Please also ensure that if you are applying for a FULL DAY CO, then you must select a previous working for FULL DAY, which is available under the column “AVAILABLE FOR”. See screen shot above.

The ENTRY FROM column shows if you have earned this CO or it is a part of the opening balance of CO credited to your account.
Your request would be submitted to the Reporting Head when you fill up the remarks and mark appropriate selections.

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