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How to adjust Leave from Employees Leave Balance?
User can mark employee’s leave and adjust the same by three different ways.

1. While marking leave from Leaves Menu - Manage Leaves:

Filter your employees here and then click on 'Add New' button. It will show you a 'Leave Application' pop box as showing above. If there is a check mark on ‘Adjust with Paid Leaves’ you can adjust the applied leave from the leave balance of the selected employee. Make sure 'Leaves' must be allotted to the employees before adjusting their leave with the leave balance. If leaves are not allotted to the employees, 'Adjust with Paid Leaves' will not be shown here and you only can mark leave in that case.

If a leave is adjusted with employee’s leave balance, his ‘Available Leave Balance’ will automatically decrease by one leave.

2. While marking leave from Timesheet

If you are to set leave on a particular date for an employee, select the month and Employee name then click on ‘Set Leave’ icon from the Timesheet window.

You will see following popup box:

Select leave Category and put any comments then click on ‘Save’ button to define the leave on a particular date for an employee.

3. From Leaves Menu - Leave Adjustment

Go to Timesheet menu and then click on Leave Adjustment which will be shown as per following screen shot:

Here select the employee and adjust his leaves/absents with his leave balance and then click on ‘Upload Selected’ button.

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